Easy Video
Easy Video
Category: Photo & Video
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Merge as many videos, photos, musics and texts as you want to create, simply and quickly, your very own movies in Full HD !

Creating movies has never been so easy: simply create a movie project, add videos, musics, photos and texts into it, and preview your new movie right away. It's that simple ! With Easy Video you can also add slow/fast motion and helium effects to your videos and musics !

Easy Video can also be used to create slideshows of your photos, to rotate your videos, to create slow/fast motion, helium effect videos, and to watermark your videos.

Special Features:
-Merge videos, musics, photos and texts to create your own movies
-Create photo slideshows with texts and musics
-Add photos to your movies
-Select precisely what part of your videos and musics you want to use in your movies
-Adjust the position, rotation, and scale of your photos on your movies
-Define the starting times and ending times of your musics and texts inside your movies
-Adjust the font, color, position, rotation and scale of the texts on your movies
-18 different transitions between videos: push, slide, zoom, shrink, fade… Adjust the duration of each transition.
-Add slow/fast motion and helium effect to the videos and musics
-Sequence your videos with a slow/fast motion and helium effect
-Rotate your videos
-The created movies are saved at the maximal resolution supported by the iDevice
-Save and share your videos by email, on dropbox and on Facebook
-Import videos to the app with iTunes and its file sharing feature
-Import videos from other video editing apps, and use them to create your movies
-Embedded tutorial explaining how to use all the features of Easy Video

If you have questions or issues with Easy Video, just send us an email at support@SEB-AppStore.com

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