Watermark Camera
Watermark Camera
Category: Photo & Video
Rate: 4+
Price: $1.99


Protect easily all your photos and digital works with Watermark Camera.

Snap photos with Watermark Camera and let the app add your personal watermark and metadata to efficiently protected them. Watermark Camera save both the original and watermarked photos for every cliche made with the app.
Select any photos in your photo library and protect them with your very own watermark and metadata.

See all your watermarked photos in the app gallery.

Special features:
-Watermark instantly your newly snapped photos
-Watermark any photo from your camera roll
-Watermark Camera saves the original and the watermarked photos automatically
-Define your own image and text watermarks
-Adjust the watermark with the classic gestures: drag, pinch, rotate and double touch to cancel your adjustements
-More than 50 fonts and millions of colors available to create your very own watermark text
-Include the Copyright © and Trade Mark ™ symbols in your watermark text
-Full control of the camera: simple touch to focus, double touch to set the exposure, white balance, flash...
-Switch between the watermark image and the watermark text
-Define your own metadata that are automatically added to the photos snapped and protected with the app: define your copyright, copyright notice, image description, keywords and comment metadata
-Define the watermark opacity
-Use the embedded spiral watermark to protect your photos
-Embedded gallery to browse and see your photos made and/or protected with the app
-Chose to save the original and watermarked photos in the app or in your camera roll
-Save your protected photos in your camera roll, share them by email, publish them on Facebook or print them out
-Embedded tutorial to find out how to use all the power of Watermark Camera

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