Camera LOCO
Camera LOCO
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Camera LOCO, the camera app that does real time face detection. With Camera LOCO you can, add funny overlays over the faces to create hilarious photos. Use its Snap Control to be sure to have everyone looking at you when you snap a photo !

Camera LOCO offers you two face detection modes:
- LOCO: the app automatically detects the faces and adds overlays over them to make funny photos
- normal: the app detects the faces and highlight them with a green square

Snap your photos by using the volume buttons !

Camera LOCO has a snap control feature as well; just define the number of person on the photos, and the app will verify that everybody is looking at you before snapping a photo.

With Camera LOCO you can also customize all your photos from your library with more than 40 different overlays. Share your creations by email, print them out, save them in your library or publish them on Facebook.

- Real time face detection
- 2 face detection modes
- Snap your photos by using the volume buttons
- More than 40 different overlays available: glasses, sunglasses, mustaches, eye patch, mouth, monocle, manga eyes, bullet hole...
- Snap control: Camera LOCO snaps only when everybody is looking at you
- Snap your photos at full resolution
- Apply the overlays over any photo form your photo library.
- Universal app: works on iPhone and iPad.

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