Camera FX
Camera FX
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Camera FX, the camera app with more than 150 Real Time effects to capture stunning photos and record unique videos. What you see is what you'll get !

With Camera FX you can capture photos, and record videos, that you can customize with real time effects.

Camera FX works exactly the same way your old digital camera did; select to capture photos or record movies, choose an effect and see the preview on the screen. Touch the big button to snap a picture or to start/stop recording the video. View the photos and movies inside the camera gallery, share your masterpieces by email, and save them in your photo library.

Camera FX proposes 3 kinds of effects:
- Grunge effects: 8 different grunge/vintage effects included
- Pop Art effects: 39 Andy Warhol color effects
- Filter effects: more than 100 different color filters inside the app (Black and White, Sepia, and many more)
Once a effect kind is selected, you can change filter with the arrow buttons and the wheel.
See your photos and watch your videos in the gallery, delete them, share them by email or save them in your library.
Back up all your photos and videos directly on your computer via iTunes and its file sharing feature.

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