Tilt Camera
Tilt Camera
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Tilt indicator + Grid + Timer in a single app!
Control the tilt of your iDevice while taking photos and recording movies and ensure all your shoots are perfectly leveled!
Use the tilt indicator to verify that your device is leveled before capturing photos and movies; when the red arrow is on the black mark, you are sure your device is leveled.
Use the grid to easily center subjects and landscapes on your shoots.
There is also a timer you can set; stop trying to find the camera button to take photos of yourself!

Tilt Camera offers all the features of the Camera app and add a tilt indicator, a removable grid, and a definable timer. Tilt Camera utilization is exactly the same as the built-in Camera app, so you won't lose time to learn how to use it!

Stop wasting your time by editing your photos because there are not leveled, and make all you shoots with Tilt Camera.

Special features:
- tilt indicator: when the red arrow is on the black mark, your device is perfectly leveled
- grid: use the grid to easily center subjects and landscapes while shooting photos and movies. You can add or remove the grid according to your needs
- timer: define the delay of the timer to take photos of yourselves with ease. The delay can be set between 1.5 and 10 seconds
- photos and movies are automatically saved in your photo library for fast capture sequences (no need to confirm after each shoot)
- tutorial about the different features of the app included

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