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With Zip&Unzip you'll finally be able to import files from other apps, zip them, unzip them, view them, and share them by email or with other apps.
Zip&Unzip lets you unzip any zipped file and see the compressed files. Import your email attachments and open files from any other application installed on your iDevice, unzip them to view their contents, or zip several files to send them back by email.

Zip&Unzip utilization is very simple:
- Import your email attachments with a long press gesture on the attachments to open the "Open with" menu, and select "Open in Zip&Unzip"
- Touch a zipped file to unzip it
- Select multiple files, define the name of the zip file, and zip all the selected files
- Touch the disclosure button to see the file contents
- Touch a file to send it by email; you can also specify a name for your email attachment
- Export the files stored in the app to any other app installed on your iDevice, by selecting the "Open In" menu in the document viewer
- Import files from any app
- And more…!

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