Crazy Dates
Crazy Dates
Category: Entertainment
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With Crazy Dates you will finally be able to check and follow up the sanity of your dates. 
Draw the evolution of your dates on the Crazy-Attractive graph, and keep records of the different events that induced these changes.

Inspired by the "Crazy-Hot scale" of Barney Stinson, Crazy Dates provide you with all the features presented by Barney in the mythic episode:
- select your dates among your contacts
- draw their evolution on the Crazy-Attractive graph
- add some comments regarding the different changes on the graph
- switch easily among your selected dates
- share with your friends the graph, comments, photo, score of your dates by email or on Facebook !

Crazy Dates utilization is very simple:
1. Select a date among your contact
2. Draw the evolution of your date on the Crazy-Attractive graph
3. Touch a date on the graph to add a comment, or touch the details button to see all the comments at one glance
- undo your drawing by touching the "Undo" button, and remove all the points of the graph by touching the "Reset" button
4. touch the information button on your dates to share information about this dates. Select the information you want to share by touching the "Select info" button

Thanks to Crazy Dates you will now only date person more attractive than crazy !

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