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Surf, download, import email attachments, view and share your downloads right on your iPhone!

WebBrowser offers all the features of a classic web browser and add the ability to download files on the go, to view them, to back them up on your personal computer using wifi or USB, and to share them by wifi or email.

Special features:
- Browser features
• download manager: download files just by touching their link on a web page or by entering their url; download several files simultaneously and track their progress on the Downloading page
• multiple web pages simultaneously; all the web pages remain active in the background and keep loading their contents. Add as many pages as you want! All the pages are reloaded on the next app launch.
• one address bar: use the same address bar to enter urls or search keywords. Chose among 3 different search engines.
• bookmark management
• history management
- Files manager features
• import all your email attachments and view them in WebBrowser
• view all your files and send them to other apps installed on your iDevice
• zip and unzip files
• send your downloaded files by email, or zip several files together to share them by email
• back up your downloaded files by USB with iTunes file sharing feature, and by wifi with the built-in server
• tutorial included inside the app
- shake your device to switch between the web browser and the file manager

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