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Tired of drawing with your finger to reveal the color of the tiny details you want to emphasize on your photos? Try Colorizor and "Color splash" your photos in one touch !

Featured by Apple as "New and Noteworthy" for its release in USA and France.

Colorizor lets you create quickly and easily stunning photos by transforming all the photo colors into black & white while preserving the selected colors unchanged. This effect draws the viewer's attention to the colored area, creating striking photos !

Colorizor lets you also create photos where all the colors are unchanged but for the selected ones that are swapped with a defined color !

The intuitive user interface makes Colorizor incredibly easy and fun to use ! Pick a photo in your library, or take a new one with the camera and start playing; touch the color you want to keep in your photo and adjust the colors selection with the "Tolerance" slider to capture the colors close to the selected one. The photo is then displayed and modified in real time ! You can also refine the colors selection by using different slider to define accurately the starting and ending colors of your selection. Save your new photos in your photo library or share them by email.

Special features:
- Black & White Mode: transform your photos into black & white photos while keeping the colors selection unchanged
- Swap Mode: keep the original colors unchanged while swapping the colors selection with the chosen swap color
- Ultra simple interface: Touch the photo pick a color, see the selected color on the "Color selected button". See the swap color selected on the "Swap with" button, touch this button to pick a swap color on 2 different color maps (touch to pick a color)
- Touch the "Color selected" button to refine accurately the colors selection by using the different sliders
- Touch the"Set area" button to define the area where you want the effect to be applied; drag the area with one finger and drag its corner to change its shape and location. Touch the "Ok" button to save the area
- Save your new photos in your photo library or send them to your friends and family by email.

"Color splash" your photos in one touch and create stunning photos in no time with Colorizor ! Get the viewer's attention to some particular colored details, add some snow under the tropics, swap the color of the clothes on your photos... the only limitation is your imagination !

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