PhotoFix - Fix your photos and pictures
PhotoFix - Fix your photos and pictures
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Rotate + Mirror + Resize + Crop + Brightness & Contrast adjustments with one single app !

Photofix is THE all in one tool to fix your photos and pictures.

-You've uploaded some pictures with the wrong orientation? Fix them with the rotate feature of PhotoFix !
-There is someone or something you don't want to see on your photos? Crop them with PhotoFix!
-You took a photo through a window and want to read the text of the window? Mirror your photo with PhotoFix and read this text!
-You want to improve the look of your photos? Use the brightness and contrast adjustment feature of PhotoFix!
-Your photos are too big to be send by email or to be used as an avatar? Resize them with the re-size feature of PhotoFix!

Special features:
•Rotate: rotate 90, 180, or 270 CW
•Mirror: mirror horizontally, vertically, or horizontally and vertically
•Re-size: use the constrain proportions option to re-size your photos and keep their original aspect ratios, or define the new dimensions of your photos yourself.
•Crop: move and adjust the cropping area with one finger. Touch the corners of the cropping area to change its size and shape.
•Brightness & Contrast: use the brightness and contrast sliders to improve the look of your photos.
•Confirm or discard your fix after each modification of your photo.
•Share your masterpieces by email, save them in your library, publish them on your Facebook profile, or print them out !

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