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Discover or re-Discover the stroboscopic effect with BloodyFan, but be careful to not touch the propeller or you'll cut your fingers and spread blood all over !
BloodyFan is a cutting fan that is lighted up at 40Hz. Change the speed of the fan and see amazing shapes thanks to the stroboscopic
effect !
Change the fan propeller and discover other incredible visual effects !

Be careful to not touch the propeller when rotating or you'll cut your finger and spread blood all over ! Don't worry you can still clean your screen by swiping the sponge !

Special features:
- Change the fan's speed with the slider and adjust it accuratly with the + - buttons
- 7 different propellers for more amazing visual effects
- Bloody effects when you touch the propeller, and Sponge swiping to
clean the screen !

Check out a demo of the app and other great other iPhone apps at SEB-AppStore.com!

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