Slow N' Fast Video
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Easily and quickly transform your videos into slow and fast motion movies, right on your iPhone and iPad. Unlike many other apps, Slow N' Fast also modifies the video soundtracks to keep them in sync !

Slow N' Fast is very easy to use: just pick a video, or record a new one, then chose the speed of your new video, and let the app do its magic. Preview the slow motion or fast motion versions of your video and save it to your photo library, send it by email, or share it to other apps.

Special features:
- Slow and fast motion with soundtrack modification
- Export your slow and fast motion videos at resolution up to 1080p with no quality loss !
- Export your videos to other apps installed on your device, share them by email or save them in your photo library
- Ultra fast video processing and rendering
- Intuitive and simple user interface

If you want to speed up or slow down further your videos, just speed up/slow down your videos, then save them to your camera roll and then import thes new videos to speed them up/slow them down again.

NOTE: you shall allow the app to access your photo library; if you don't the app won't be able to import and export videos from and to your camera roll. You can change this setting in the Settings app -> Privacy -> Photos.

If you have any issue with the app: send us your bug reports at and we'll be able to help you and fix the app. The app is compatible with all the listed iDevices; if you experience some issues with your device, send us an email at

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