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BlueDisk - File manager to share everything in Bluetooth


Organize, see and share all your files in Bluetooth !

With BlueDisk, you can import your photos, videos, contacts, mail attachments, and files from other apps, and share them all in Bluetooth.
You can also connect BlueDisk to your computer, without iTunes, and use it as an external hard disk to transfer files from/to your iPhone/iPad.

- Import photos, videos, contacts, mail attachments, and files from other apps
- Share all your files in Bluetooth with other users in your vicinity
- Connect your iPhone/iPad to your computers as an external wifi hard drive, and transfer files form/to BlueDisk easily
- Activate the internet server and let your friends download/upload files from their smartphones/computers internet browser
- Create folders to organize your files
- See all your files: BlueDisk supports all the formats by the iPhone (pdf, doc, xls, mp4, jpg, bmp...)
- Zip and unzip files and folders
- Rename, copy, move, delete your files
- Add a passcode to lock the app and keep your files secured and private
- Share your files by email, AirDrop, and export them to other apps

If you have any issue with the app, send us an email at support@seb-appstore.com

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