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Instant Replay - Create instant replay while recording, and editing your videos
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Record amazing instant replay videos, in real time with Instant Replay. Just tap and hold the R button while recording videos to create an ultra-smooth instant replay slow motion effects in your movies. Import videos from your camera roll, and edit them with some instant replay effects.

High-resolution, high-frame rate 1080p60, 720p240, 720p120 and 720p60 video modes result in professional quality footage and allow for liquid-smooth instant replay slow motion playback.

The frame rate per second (fps) of each device is limited by its hardware; Instant Replay uses by default the maximal available frame rate for your device.

- Tap and hold the Instant Replay (R) button to capture an instant replay in slow motion.
- Pinch to zoom in/out (available on the iPhone 5 and newer)
- Support of 120 FPS (iPhone 5s), 60 FPS (iPhone 5 and newer, iPad mini and newer), 30 FPS (other devices)
- Define the speed of your instant replay effects
- Enable/disable the pitch adjustment of your instant replay effects
- Smooth transition from normal speed to the instant replay slow motion
- Set the focus and the exposure separately: one tap to set the focus point, one long pressure to set the exposure point
- Torch
- Recorded videos are saved in the background: you can record your next movie while the previous is being saved
- Your instant replay videos are automatically saved in your Camera Roll. The original videos are saved also saved in your Camera Roll in case you’d like to create different instant replay effects.
- Import videos from your Camera Roll, and edit them with several instant replay effects: define the speed of the instant replay, enable/disable the pitch auto-adjustment and preview your edited videos instantly

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