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Free Disk - External hard disk to share files


Transfer files between your iPhone/iPod/iPad and your computers without iTunes !
Just start FreeDisk, and your iDevice is automatically turned into a wifi hard drive. You can then connect your iDevice to your computers, and use it as a regular hard drive, and easily transfer files.
No need for third part software, or iTunes, to finally exchange files between your iDevices and your computers !
FreeDisk can also turn your iDevice into an internet server to share your files with other smartphones !
Last but not least, all your data are protected and can only be read when the app is running.

Special Features:
- Connect your iDevice to computers without third part software, or iTunes
- Use your iDevices as external wifi hard drive
- Share your files with the embedded internet Server: let any smartphone/computer users download/watch your files
- View the files saved in the app: the app supports all the formats supported by the iPhone (pdf, doc, pages, jpeg, png, mp4...)
- Import files from other apps
- Save your email attachments
- Organize your files: create as many folders as you want
- Move, copy, delete, save, rename, zip, unzip your files
- Complete Protection of your data: your data can be accessed and read only when the app is running
- Protect the app with a passcode and keep your data private
- Export your files to other apps
- Share your files by email

If you have any issue with FreeDisk, send us an email at support@seb-appstore.com

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