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Live Editor - Edit your Live Photos
Photo & Video


All you need to edit your Live Photos is here: Live Editor combines 11 quality filters and a powerful video editor to get the most of your Live Photos.

Live Editor offers 11 different quality filters to customize your Live Photos and give them unique looks.
With Live Editor, you can also edit the videos of your Live Photos: you can trim them to keep only what you want from them, and you can also add slow motion or instant replay effects. Last but not least, with Live Editor you can also mute your Live Photos videos, or change their soundtracks with one music from your Music app

Special features:
- 11 quality filters available
- Powerful video editor for the Live Photos videos: Trim mode to extract the part of the Live Photo videos you want to keep, slow motion mode to add a slow motion effect to the Live Photos videos, and instant replay mode to add an instant replay effect to the Live Photos videos
- Use musics from your Music app instead of the original Live Photos videos soundtrack, or mute them
- Save your Live Photos as photos and save space on your device
- Save your Live Photos as videos
- Share your Live Photos by email

If you have any question, issue or suggestions regarding the app, just drop us an email at support@seb-appstore.com

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