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Photo & Video
Age: 4
Updated: 2013-10-18
iOS: 4.3
Size: 14.70 Mb
Seller: Sebastien BUET

Protect your photos and digital works with your own watermark in no time before sending them or publish them!

Protect your photos in 4 simple steps:
- Select the photo/image you want to protect in your photo library, select a spiral, or take a new photo
- Select your logo image, or define a text as watermark and adjust its style. Switch between your text and logo by touching the bottom left button
- Adjust your watermark on your photos; pinch it, drag it and rotate it. Adjust its opacity precisely with the slider.
- Save your photo in your library, send it by email,publish it on Facebook, or print it out

Special features:
- White and black spirals watermark included
- Choose the text font among more than 50 different fonts
- Define the text color with the sliders
- Save your watermarked photo at full resolution

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