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Photo & Video
Age: 4
Updated: 2013-08-10
iOS: 4.3
Size: 41.45 Mb
Seller: Sebastien BUET

Reverse all your videos, music and voice recordings with no quality loss.
With ReversoR, you can play your videos backward with no quality loss. Of course, you can also save them and share them on Facebook, Dropbox and by email!
With ReversoR, you can also play backward all the songs of your iPod library and share them by email and on Dropbox.
Moreover, ReversoR also allows you to record voices and sounds, play them backward and share them by email and on Dropbox too.

Special features:
- Reverse all your videos, iPod songs and voice/sound recordings with no quality loss
- Share your backward videos on Facebook, Dropbox, by email, and save them in your camera roll
- Share your backward songs and recordings by email and on Dropbox
- No time limitation for the videos, songs and recordings
- Trim your videos to only reverse what you want
- Very simple user interface: 1 button to select/record, 1 button to play forward, and 1 button to play backward
- All your reversed videos, songs and recordings are automatically saved in the app "Collection" to be played, shared and saved later on.

Note that you shall allow the app to access your photo library in order to be able to import videos to the app and save the reversed videos in your camera roll. You can change this setting in the Settings app -> Privacy -> Photos

If you have issues with the app, send us an email at

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