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Age: 4
Updated: 2011-04-28
iOS: 4.0
Size: 25.92 Mb
Seller: Sebastien BUET

<-360Viewer-> is a free app to see "live" 360 degrees photos and panoramics with sound captured with the <-360-> app.

<-360Viewer-> allows people who don't own <-360-> to be able to see the 360 photos sent by their friends. You can also see some samples inside the app.
Once the app installed, you'll be able to see the 360 photos received by email by doing a long gesture on the attachment. <-360Viewer-> will then import the 360 photo and add it to your gallery.

Three 360 photo samples are included to show what <-360--> can do!
The 360 photos are displayed in full screen, navigate through them by swiping your finger. Moreover, you can hear the sound recorded while the 360 photos were shot.

About <-360->
<-360-> is the only app to create "live" 360 and panoramic photos.
Extremely simple to use, but terribly complete: full control over the camera, share your 360 photos by email, extract and save/share photos and sound of the 360 photos, make 360 degree photo of an object, use the front camera to create a 360 portrait with the background behind you... and more !

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