2 new killer apps have been released!

With Live, everybody can capture Live Photos!

Record videos with both cameras, or import 2 videos, and superpose them to create unique videos with Viduo

Create mind-blowing movies and become a master in special effects with Chromakey Camera

Record 4K videos with 4K Record and your iPhone and iPad.

Crop your videos frame by frame while you play them with our famous Smart Crop

Our universal video and music player Play Them All is there to play all your musics and watch all your videos without converting them.

Check out Burst HD, the fastest camera app of the AppStore, and capture up to 30 full resolution photos per second with your iPhone.

Share your photos and videos with Photos In Wifi; the easiest way to sync photos and videos without iTunes.

Convert multiple currencies, monitor currencies and stay always updated about the exchange currency rates with Currency converter.

Finally take control of your camera with Cam Control. Manually set the focus, ISO, shutter speed, tint and temperature colors of your camera and always capture great photos.

You want to create slow motion or instant replay video effects? Check out Slowlution, Slow Camera, Video Speed, and Instant Replay.

Check out the new version of iLash, the whip sound app of "The Big Bang Theory" !

Many new updates are now available: PopArt FX, Mirrored, Zip&Unzip, QuickCalls... Get ready !

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